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What is this



This is a 6 week program for entrepreneurs who would like to bring the right attitude and mindset to being their own boss and build a successful business

Why is P.A.M.M.

helpful to entrepreneurs?

What value does

P.A.M.M. bring to you?


Being your own boss is a dream of yours


You are swamped with all sorts of business strategies, marketing tools and sales tactics


You can feel like something is missing or standing in your way that your current knowledge isn't able to help you solve 

You should join the program if

You will learn how to:

Evaluate your environment and opportunities

Week 1​


Identify and understand your own values, fears and blockages

Change perspectives in the face of adversity

Master a positive and constructive self talk

Get comfortable being outside of your comfort zone

Habits you need to adopt to keep maintaining the right attitude and mindset over time

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6


You will get

Attitude Coaching Sessions

Group Workshops

International Networking

Accountability Calls

Success Guides to Keep You Going

Client Validation

''What surprised me most was that I never actually expected change. I worked with a coach before, but not in this sense. Not as we worked together''

''I was thinking everything was ok, but when everything went down, before I met you, I thought why not look for someone? And then we talked. And you seemed so nice and calm. It felt like the right fit''

''Never worked with a coach as I worked with you. It was very helpful to go through that and actually see and feel the change myself. When I saw that things were actually changing and improving, that was a big one. That was unexpected''

''Working with you was easy but not easy-peasy. Relatively easy. That had to do with the fact that you facilitated change.''

''Following through the tasks was a bit sticky, but in the back of my head I always knew I wanted to get these things done, and start doing stuff. Working with you gave me a push''

''You had this relaxing vibe so I would feel easy talking about stuff. But at the same time there were times when it was not so easy. That was when I needed a push to actually do that part. Sometimes people don’t want to talk, but you helped me talk anyway''

''What surprised me most was that I never actually expected change. I worked with a coach before, but not in this sense. Not as we worked together''

''It wasn't easy at first to get out of my shell. I take a while to warm up with new people. But you were nice and calm and helped me feel comfortable''

''What made me happy about working with you was that I wasn't feeling the way I felt before we started, and just wanted to make a change. Then I started to put the work in, and actually started to make changes''

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